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Why We Chose eXp

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In eXp World, powered by Virbella (which eXp owns) we can attend meetings, training, get support and more!


When we were first introduced to eXp and were considering it, our BIGGEST fear was lack of support.  We were used to going into the office, having someone to talk to.   

Well.  We are pleased to say our fears were COMPLETELY unfounded.  And in fact, the level of support we get as a VIRTUAL BROKERAGE is FAR SUPERIOR than anything we had ever experienced before - and when Covid hit - our business model was essentially unaffected - we were built for this.  

  • 900 Staff Members able to help us 24/7

  • LIVE Tech support - in an instant who can help, advise and even remotely fix things on your computer.

  • Hundreds of Live and On Demand hours of training weekly

  • Workplace by Facebook for reaching staff, support, and collaborating (really!!) with other agents WORLDWIDE

  • State Group with compliance specialists, managing broker, payment processing specialists all there to help YOU.

  • Marketing Department with customizable templates

  • 2 Amazing conference each year - currently VIRTUAL and FREE!

  • eXp World powered by Virbella - our Virtual Office

Intrigued?  Lets talk. 

Call us at 708-251-1500 or email

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