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Why We Chose eXp

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Flexible Payment Planning

80/20 Split

$16,000 Cap

$85/month for all tools


Its what its about right?  We love eXp's transparency.  EVERYONE is on the same compensation plan.  Top agent and brand new agent all are at 80/20.  Sell a decent amount?  After you've paid in $16k to the company you're at 100% until your anniversary date.  Just pay the $250 transaction fee, your E&O insurance and broker review fee.  Transaction fee and E&O cap too.   

Oh, and there's no "desk fee" etc.  You pay $85/month to be an eXp agent - and that gets you access to some of the very best tools in the business.  KVCore alone is worth $600/month. 

And if you sell a LOT of real estate - you can reach ICON level - and earn that $16k back in stock.  Us?  Yeah, we're ICON and we will GLADLY take the stock instead of some trip to Mexico. 


We can buy our own trips.  Or a lake house.  In fact, we did.

Intrigued?  Lets talk. 

Call us at 708-251-1500 or email

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