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Revenue Share


What is Revenue Share?  Its another potential revenue stream for agents.  Essentially, as you attract agents and they start closing deals, the company pays you off the company dollar a portion of the commission earned.  

Is this a pyramid scheme?  NO.  Its just a reward for attracting good agents - which is what most brokerages do. 


eXp just does it much better. 


It continues for each deal until that agent caps, and then starts again after their anniversary - as long as you're in business here.  And its a payment OFF OF REVENUE and NOT off of profits.  Big difference.  Really big.

And there is ZERO pressure to be a part of it.  The VAST majority of agents do not actively recruit other agents - many have those that  simply follow them organically.  And that's great.  And there are also agents who make a huge amount of money recruiting.  That's them.  You do you. 


But the opportunity is there.

Why We Chose eXp Realty


Revenue Share is a completely optional program.  

But getting financially rewarded for attracting quality agents is pretty cool.

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