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eXp is traded on the NASDAQ under the ticker expi.   

We encourage you to google it and see the tremendous growth this stock has had in the last year.

As an agent you are gifted - yes, gifted - stock at various points.  When you close your first deal each year, when you cap, when an agent you attract closes their first deal, and when you ICON you are given $8000 of stock, with the opportunity to double that with service.

You also have the ability to automatically allocate 5% of your commission to purchase stock at a 10% discount - which is then immediately available for you to sell if you so choose.  We prefer to watch our stock portfolio grow and treat it as our retirement account.  We love selling houses, but we don't want to do it forever -- a retirement plan like this is life altering -- no joke. 

Why We Chose eXp Realty



What we've been able to put away by participating in the Agent Equity Program voluntarily, as well as what we've gotten as stock awards just for doing our jobs has been life changing.

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