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Our favorite items for staging homes - without breaking the budget

Great for eliminating stale odors overall, without adding any fragrance.

If you need an air freshener - NO MORE THAN 2 and ONLY this scent!

A pretty option

for fragrance in a home, but NO MORE THAN 2!

Great for cleaning areas around doors, light switches, etc. 

Test on a hidden area first!

Look at your

walls as if you have never seen them before.  Everyone has grimey spots, this helps!  Test in a hidden spot first.

Pumice is amazing at cleaning off old mineral buildup on toilets and more!

Bring new life to tile with grout pens.  Tedious work, but can make tile look great!

Good for safety and for evening showings - light is good!

Super lighting for corners, behind plants, etc.  

Simple design, great way to add light to any living space or bedroom.

Brighten up kitchen with under cabinet lighting - great for closets and basements too.  Rechargeable!

Solar lights for outside - light up stairs, entryways, deck or fence.

Light is welcoming and a big part of curb appeal.  

LED Candles add both light and a feeling of warmth and coziness.  Use as a grouping with a mirror for a big effect.

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