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Land & Name History
The roots of Flossmoor, Illinois run deep through American history. In 1891, the Illinois Central Railroad purchased 160 acres of land west of the rail line and north of Flossmoor Road. In the late 1890s the ICG decided to sell the property for development and sponsored a contest to select a name for the Village. "Floss Moor," a Scotch name meaning "dew on the heather" and "gentle rolling countryside" was selected and approved by the U.S. Post Office. Prompted by members of the newly-formed Flossmoor Country Club, the ICG built a Flossmoor train station shortly thereafter.

Early Community
Flossmoor was first recognized as an affluent community in the 1920s, when it became known as a cultural and recreational mecca of elite country clubs and stately golf courses. Vacationers built opulent summer estates around the area's country clubs, and wealthy businessmen from Chicago lived in Flossmoor during the golf season. Eventually, as the area was refined into the progressive community it is today, vacationers decided to make Flossmoor their permanent residence.

Continued Development
In 1924, when the Village was incorporated, approximately 270 people called Flossmoor home. The post-World War II housing boom initiated a migration of Chicago residents to the Village, doubling the area's population and acting as a catalyst for Flossmoor's continued growth. Today, Flossmoor boasts a population of approximately 9,400 people and continues to grow.

Census Information
Population: 9,464 (2010 Census)
Median Household Income: $134,770
Median Age: 42.2
Area: 3.8 square miles
Incorporation date: 1924



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