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I was raised in suburban New York, and then Niles, Michigan but spent vacations in Homewood visiting my grandmother and other family.  My grandfather founded Bannon Floor Coverings which was one of the longest running businesses in Homewood.  I would spend my school vacations in my grandmother’s apartment upstairs, and remember fondly watching parades, walking to restaurants, and enjoying the sense of community I never did in New York. 


It was these memories that brought me back to the area to raise our children.  The excellent schools, involved parents, diversity and supportive community is everything we wanted in a hometown, and we’ve never regretted a minute.  There is simply no place like this around, where families stay for generations but newcomers warmly welcomed.  Where people look out for you and yours.  Where you have an old-time small- town feel, with modern and big city amenities here and of course a close train ride away.


My family has a long history in real estate, including my grandmother buying and moving houses off of Dixie Highway to Terrace instead of them being torn down.  I'm tickled as I visit homes to find the flooring work my grandfather, mother, uncle and cousin did throughout the area still there.


I am also a licensed, non-practicing attorney in the State of Illinois.


I was born and raised in Niles, Michigan and majored in Biochemistry at Indiana University.  During school I started bartending and spent most of my career in that field – both as a bartender in many settings, a manager and a trainer. 


The customer service skills I honed in that field has been a huge part of our success in real estate, as I’m good at getting clients to better express their needs and desires in the real estate process – and good at reading buyers, sellers, and other agents.


As a newer transplant to HF I bring a different perspective than Vicki as to what people moving into the community might be looking for, which can help both buyers – and sellers trying to attract those buyers.

Vicki Stevenson

Ryan Stevenson


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